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In Wiggle you are a cute little invertebrate who is trying to escape from the impending danger of a huge flood. You have to cover as much distance as possible, while also keeping an eye out on the many dangerous obstacles on your way. Steer clear of things that will slow down your progress, so bumping into walls or the fuzzy blue critters is a big no-no, even though they may be incredibly cute and just want a hug. Sometimes the blue buddies do latch on to you, so to get rid of them you must quickly use a ramp or drop them into holes. But be careful with that last part, you don't want to follow them in yourself!

There are helpful items on the way though, so make sure to collect pink or rainbow dots to recover stamina. Grab a shield to protect yourself for a few precious seconds, dribble a soccer ball and pick up coins, magnets or boosts to further help you in your mad dash for survival! All things must come to an end and the flood might eventually catch up with you, but you can still run for your life and get the highest score in the fun game Wiggle!

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  • Use your left mouse button or tap the screen if you are using a smartphone.

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