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Amazing fantasy, RPG themed dress up game by Rinmaru! In this game, you will be able to create your favorite female warrior character, ferocious, magical and strong. Make your own fantastic stories and develop your characters!

Start by personalizing your genetics; choose the color of your skin! Choose the shape of your eyes, there are many to choose from! You can even reduce the eye size and distance between them, as well as the height and more! Such customizable gameplay! Choose your mouth shape. You can change the lips, and mouth size as well as position and color them! Choose your favorite lipstick! Then we have the nose shape that you can change and the size and position. Add eye shadows, makeup and you can even age your character! Or even muscular! Add sad tears if you want your character to cry lol, red, freckles and much more! Add some face scars and face tattoos as well as a set of body tattoos from different styles and cultures, such as tribal or pirate tattoos or traditional Japanese or ancient Chinese tattoos and many more! Change the shape and color of your eyebrows! Eyeshadows, too! Oh, and nail colors! We now have the hairstyles, lots to choose from, as well as the colors! Mix and match ponytails, top extensions, bangs, bottom extensions and bottom hair to create cool hairstyles for women, anime manga warriors! The clothes are just as awesome and customizable! You can even choose the genre or type of medieval fantasy character you want your character to be: Turn your character into a bard, warrior, ranger, healer, dark mage, marksman or beast master! If you choose Bard, choose a cute medieval top, like a dress top with beautiful embellishments, add floral embellished pants and pants! Add different types of medieval warrior wrists! Choose some pretty jeweled headbands and headpieces and even horns! Add all kinds of cute and cool heels with nice medieval jewelry, color it too! Add beautiful jewelry such as earrings with different interesting medieval and mystical designs, as well as gold and gemstone necklaces!, Add butterflies! Blue flowers! You can make the character herself have butterfly wings and other cool fantasy magic accessories! As you can see, this game is so rich in fantasy medieval options!

Now, if you choose a warrior, you can of course choose medieval armor, as well as dark or light knight armor, dark or light warrior wrists and helmets, armored boots and heels, as well as related war accessories. Guardians have similar characteristics to the warrior, but Guardians can hold a very cool sun flag and have angel wings, as well as a holy book or cross and related jewelry! Healers have a softer arsenal with pretty elves and floral embellishments like floral headbands, boots and heels, and the accessories are so angelic! There are also gems and moon wings! As for the Black Mage category, you have lighter items but dark gothic aesthetics like horns and a witch's hat, the tops and bottoms are also dark gothic, and even the accessories are much more obscure like demon wings, ravens, spiders, vampire style dark necklaces and earrings, evil orbs, snakes and more! Create dark mages or necromancers with this category! Gunners have more of a steampunk and victorian style of clothing! Add Victorian pirate captain hats as well as long black hats or steampunk hats, boots and heels! Add steampunk accessories that are a variety of different tools, Victorian jewelry and steampunk metal wings! Even eye patches! Beastmasters have more of a fierce barbarian clothing style, add demon horns and barbarian tribal accessories, add a piece of meat and chains or a whip as accessories and other barbarian tribe jewelry! Choose from fantastic medieval magic rpg strong swords, scepters, crossbows, crooks, axes, bows, weapons, a harp, a flute, a flute, a scythe, two ninja swords or katanas, long swords! Add magical powers such as fire, dimension or other mystical powers! You can even add a pet such as a bear, tiger and wolf! Place your character in an awesome dungeons and dragons style background like a warrior's inn, a castle hall, a magical tree house in the forest at night, the elf forest, or just a textured brown background! As you can see, this game has everything you need to create your own original female fantasy rpg characters!

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  • If you are using a computer use the left mouse button. If not, tap the screen of your smartphone or tablet. More complicated control schemes are explained in-game.

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This game can be played only on PC