Sumo Party

Step into the world of Sumo Party and forget about all your worries! On you can find lots of similar experiences, which will bring you lots of fun and relaxation in your day. Try now one of the best fighting!

Were you ever fascinated by sumo and wondered what it was all about? Did all the rituals and preparations before the fight ever intrigue you? Try Sumo Party now and get a taste of this rather unique sport, where honor and determination will land you the win.

You select a fighter and you can battle it out either against an AI opponent or against a friend. All you have to do is time when you lunge at your opponent and make sure to knock them out of the arena.

Enjoy the beautiful graphics and easy to learn gameplay and become the best sumo fighter of them all!

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  • Use your left mouse button or tap the screen if you are using a smartphone.

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