Moon Clash Heroes

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Attention, rookie! It's time to enlist in the space forces and carve out a career as an intrepid spy, specializing in stealth takedowns that obliterate enemies with a single shot from the shadows in Moon Clash Heroes. Step into the formidable shoes of a huge robot, armed to the teeth with a mass destruction system, ready to trample adversaries with unmatched power. Alternatively, assume the role of a special forces soldier wielding a lightning gun or seize control of a remote strike bot equipped with a photon weapon. The diversity within the space squad ensures that every aspiring recruit can find their ideal combat style in Moon Clash Heroes. Your mission takes you deep into the heart of an abandoned lunar base, where every nook and cranny harbors potential threats and hidden surprises. Immerse yourself in the impressive vistas of deep space as you navigate the lunar terrain, using your skills to conquer rivals and emerge victorious. As a valued member of the space forces, your proficiency in various roles is crucial to the success of the squad, and the command places high expectations on your shoulders.

Embrace the challenge and prove your worth as you explore the abandoned lunar base, uncovering its secrets and leveraging your unique abilities to gain the upper hand. Whether you opt for the covert approach of a spy, the brute force of a robot, or the precision strikes of a special forces soldier, the space squad offers a diverse array of options for unleashing your full potential. The fate of the galaxy rests on your shoulders, and your journey promises not only intense battles but also awesome views of the cosmic expanse that surrounds you.

As a rookie in the space forces, your skills will be put to the test in a dynamic and ever-evolving environment on Whether you're infiltrating the shadows, engaging in relentless firepower, or orchestrating remote strikes, the space squad offers a thrilling and immersive experience that combines strategy, skill, and the grandeur of deep space in Moon Clash Heroes. Soldier, the command has entrusted you with great responsibility—rise to the occasion and show the galaxy what you're made of!

How to play

Use the WASD or arrow keys to move your character, right mouse button to aim, left mouse button to shoot, Space key to jump. If you are playing from a mobile device, tap on the on-screen buttons.

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  • If you are using a computer use the left mouse button. If not, tap the screen of your smartphone or tablet. More complicated control schemes are explained in-game.

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This game can be played both on PC and mobile devices