Stick Games

With a ton of adventure, guts and gore, shooters, and war defense games, these ragdoll stickmen games have plenty of violence and fun for you to enjoy.

Stick Tank WarsStick Tank WarsHot Game
Henry Stickmin: Escaping the PrisonHenry Stickmin: Escaping the Prison
Mutilate a Doll 2Mutilate a Doll 2
Stick Figure PenaltyStick Figure Penalty
Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
Sift Heads WorldSift Heads WorldHot Game
Potty Racers 3Potty Racers 3
Henry Stickmin: Breaking The BankHenry Stickmin: Breaking The Bank
Stick WarStick WarHot Game
Infilitrating the AirshipInfilitrating the AirshipHot Game
S.W.A.T. 3S.W.A.T. 3
Sniper: Hostile TerritorySniper: Hostile Territory
Creative Kill Chamber 2Creative Kill Chamber 2
Level Editor 3Level Editor 3Hot Game
I am ArcherI am Archer
Causality Stick IsolationCausality Stick Isolation
Bowman 2Bowman 2
Raze 3Raze 3
Assault Echelon WarehouseAssault Echelon Warehouse
Spiderman VS BatmanSpiderman VS Batman
Effing WormsEffing Worms
Super Hero Squad: Stark Tower DefenseSuper Hero Squad: Stark Tower Defense
Stabika 3Stabika 3Hot Game
Five Minutes to kill (yourself)Five Minutes to kill (yourself)
Stick Animator GameStick Animator Game
Electricman 2Electricman 2Hot Game
Stick Rage 3Stick Rage 3
Interactive BuddyInteractive Buddy
Thor FistsThor Fists
Free Rider 3Free Rider 3
Matrix Bullet Time FightingMatrix Bullet Time Fighting
Brawlin' SailorBrawlin' Sailor
Arcane WeaponArcane WeaponHot Game
Stick TrampolineStick Trampoline
Kill Crazy JayKill Crazy Jay
Causality Saving Private StickmanCausality Saving Private Stickman
Can your PetCan your Pet
Stick Em UpStick Em Up
Stick Gangster DuelStick Gangster Duel
Heavenly SniperHeavenly Sniper
Dawn of the ZombiesDawn of the Zombies
The Flood Runner 2The Flood Runner 2Hot Game
The GentlemanThe GentlemanHot Game
Electric ManElectric Man
Stick SquadStick SquadHot Game
Stick Dude Killing ArenaStick Dude Killing Arena
Stick BlenderStick Blender
Sift Heads Assault 4Sift Heads Assault 4
Rogue Soul 2Rogue Soul 2
Vex 3Vex 3
Fancy Pants Adventure 2Fancy Pants Adventure 2
Stick BeardStick Beard
Shoot 'mShoot 'm
Ragdoll RooftopsRagdoll Rooftops
Spider Stickman 5: ChristmasSpider Stickman 5: Christmas
Kings RiderKings Rider
Dragon Ball Fierce FightingDragon Ball Fierce Fighting
Vinnies Shooting Yard 5Vinnies Shooting Yard 5
Jelly TruckJelly Truck
Batman Dark JumpBatman Dark Jump
Casuality CampCasuality Camp
Sniper Assassin FinalSniper Assassin Final
Stickman Jam: SticktanicStickman Jam: Sticktanic
Sift Heads Hit and RunSift Heads Hit and Run
Casuality FestivalCasuality Festival
Casualty CampCasualty Camp
Casuality Candy LandCasuality Candy Land
Last DefenseLast Defense
Keep the BeatKeep the Beat
Undead RunUndead Run
Knight SlideKnight Slide
Causality 5Causality 5
Hanger 2 Level PackHanger 2 Level Pack
Glow RunnerGlow Runner
Casuality KitchenCasuality Kitchen
Rodent RacerRodent Racer
Pig ParkingPig Parking
Swing CopterSwing Copter
Balloons vs Zombies 3Balloons vs Zombies 3
Casuality OfficeCasuality Office
Zombie RiotZombie Riot
Sniper Global MercenarySniper Global Mercenary
Urban Sniper VengeanceUrban Sniper Vengeance
Way of the StickWay of the Stick
Red Code 2Red Code 2
Rolling StonesRolling Stones
Glitch LabGlitch Lab
Kitts KingdomKitts Kingdom
Jellydad HeroJellydad Hero
Sift Heads CartelSift Heads Cartel
Stealth AssassinStealth Assassin
Accurate BoyAccurate Boy
The Silent Assassin: ShadowThe Silent Assassin: Shadow
I SurviveI Survive
Ricochet Kills 4Ricochet Kills 4
Vex 2Vex 2
Thing Thing Arena ProThing Thing Arena Pro
Sift Renegade 3Sift Renegade 3
Team of RobbersTeam of Robbers
Robo TroboRobo Trobo
Level Editor 3Level Editor 3
I saw her acrossI saw her across
Clicker HeroesClicker Heroes
Plunder MarsPlunder Mars
Click Death ParkClick Death Park
Slush InvadersSlush InvadersHot Game
Bois D'arcBois D'arc
Rogue SoulRogue Soul
Handless MillionaireHandless Millionaire
Palisade Guardian: RevolutionPalisade Guardian: Revolution
Urban Sniper 3Urban Sniper 3
Halloween PranksterHalloween Prankster
Achtung WurstAchtung Wurst
Sifthead Assault 3Sifthead Assault 3
Monster RaceMonster Race
Clear Vision 5Clear Vision 5
An Epic StickventureAn Epic Stickventure
Universal SniperUniversal Sniper
Causality 5Causality 5
Amigo PanchoAmigo Pancho
Stick Death RunStick Death Run
Beno Bear EscapeBeno Bear Escape
Smoking KillsSmoking Kills
Potty Racers 3Potty Racers 3
Boy and GirlBoy and Girl
Sling Jumper 2Sling Jumper 2
SWAT: Awesome EditionSWAT: Awesome Edition
Level 2 EditorLevel 2 Editor
Shorty's VacationShorty's Vacation
Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2Ragdoll Laser Dodge 2
Sift Heads World Act 6Sift Heads World Act 6Hot Game
Mighty GuyMighty Guy
Sneaky SniperSneaky Sniper
Operation HurtOperation HurtHot Game
Sentenced to DeathSentenced to Death
Sift Heads World 5Sift Heads World 5
Clear Vision 2Clear Vision 2Hot Game
Sift Heads World Act 4Sift Heads World Act 4
Sift Heads World Act 3Sift Heads World Act 3Hot Game
Gods Playing FieldGods Playing Field
Sniper Assassain: FinalSniper Assassain: Final
Sift Heads World - Act 2Sift Heads World - Act 2
Ragdoll Cannon 3Ragdoll Cannon 3
Bango!Bango!Hot Game
Hitstick 5Hitstick 5Hot Game
Gods Playing Field 2Gods Playing Field 2
Don't Click Mr. StickDon't Click Mr. Stick
Arnes de ManoArnes de ManoHot Game
Fighters RampageFighters Rampage
The Harry Stick JourneyThe Harry Stick Journey
That Gravity GameThat Gravity Game
Hugo: HeadshooterHugo: Headshooter
Elite SniperElite Sniper
Shopping Cart Hero 2Shopping Cart Hero 2
WardroidsWardroidsHot Game
Sni[p]r 3Sni[p]r 3
City SmasherCity SmasherHot Game
Storm The House 3Storm The House 3Hot Game
Jump It 2Jump It 2
Bakers DefenseBakers Defense
Xiao Xiao No. 4Xiao Xiao No. 4Hot Game
Hugo: Alone in the TowerHugo: Alone in the Tower
Palisade Guardian 2Palisade Guardian 2
Rock n Risk BlitzRock n Risk Blitz
Agent B10 (Part 2)Agent B10 (Part 2)
Dragon Slayer 2Dragon Slayer 2
Endless Zombie Rampage 2Endless Zombie Rampage 2Hot Game
Sift Renegade 2Sift Renegade 2
Sniper Assassin 3Sniper Assassin 3
Stickicide DeluxeStickicide Deluxe
Sift Heads 5Sift Heads 5
Ultimate Assassin 2Ultimate Assassin 2
Artillery TowerArtillery Tower
Chaos WarChaos WarHot Game
Stick BasketballStick Basketball
Causality 2Causality 2
Kill The SpartanKill The Spartan
Fast SniperFast Sniper
Strategy Defense 2Strategy Defense 2Hot Game
Die In StyleDie In StyleHot Game
Save My NutsSave My NutsHot Game
Professional SniperProfessional Sniper
Scope: First BloodScope: First Blood
Alt Shift LiteAlt Shift Lite
Pillage the VillagePillage the Village
Clear VisionClear Vision
Alaskan AdversaryAlaskan Adversary
Thing Thing Arena 3Thing Thing Arena 3
Clear Vision IIClear Vision II
Stickman Dress UpStickman Dress Up
Last BulletLast Bullet
Ragdoll Cannon: RemakeRagdoll Cannon: Remake
Cloud ClimberCloud Climber
Stick Figure Penalty 2Stick Figure Penalty 2
Professional Sniper 2Professional Sniper 2
Sift HeadsSift Heads
Colour My WorldColour My World
Stick BangStick Bang
Agent PlatformerAgent Platformer
Frontline DefenseFrontline Defense
Hitstick 3 - Deadly BreezeHitstick 3 - Deadly Breeze
Sift Heads 4Sift Heads 4
Sniper Assassin 2Sniper Assassin 2
Johnny Rocket FingersJohnny Rocket Fingers
Shopping Cart HeroShopping Cart Hero
Agent B10Agent B10
Sniper AssassinSniper Assassin
One Mans DoomsdayOne Mans Doomsday
Monster EvolutionMonster Evolution
Dynasty StreetDynasty Street
Stair Fall 2Stair Fall 2
Electricman 2 HSElectricman 2 HS
Run Run FuryRun Run Fury
Stick Figure BadmintonStick Figure Badminton
Strategy Defense 5Strategy Defense 5
Strategy Defense 3Strategy Defense 3
Stabika Ep.2: CarnageStabika Ep.2: Carnage
Stick RPGStick RPG
Thing Thing 4Thing Thing 4
Territory WARTerritory WAR
Dead Tree DefenderDead Tree Defender
9 Doors9 Doors
Demonic Defence 3Demonic Defence 3
Potty RacersPotty Racers
Stick Figure PenaltyStick Figure Penalty
Torture Chamber IIITorture Chamber III
Strategy DefenseStrategy Defense
Johnny Rocketfingers 2Johnny Rocketfingers 2
Hitstick 2Hitstick 2
Don't Look BackDon't Look Back
Level EditorLevel Editor
Stickman Madness 2Stickman Madness 2
Squareman 3Squareman 3
Ragdoll Avalanche 2Ragdoll Avalanche 2
Stickicide 3Stickicide 3
Chav HunterChav Hunter
A Parting Shot IIA Parting Shot II
Stickman Madness 3Stickman Madness 3
Decorrupt the Deforesters!Decorrupt the Deforesters!
Stick Death Showcase 2Stick Death Showcase 2
Stick MinigamesStick Minigames
Use BoxmenUse Boxmen
Super Crazy Guitar 2Super Crazy Guitar 2
Super Fight FightSuper Fight Fight
Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2Vinnie's Shooting Yard 2
Sift Heads 2Sift Heads 2
Cold CrimeCold Crime
A True Stick-DeathA True Stick-Death
Stick Figure SuicideStick Figure Suicide
Parachute Retrospect 2Parachute Retrospect 2
Stair FallStair Fall
StickMan Sam - Part 4StickMan Sam - Part 4
Clear Vision EliteClear Vision Elite
Ragdoll MasterRagdoll Master
Stick BrawlStick Brawl
Bow Man 2Bow Man 2
Free Rider 2Free Rider 2
Stickman Sam 3Stickman Sam 3
Sift Heads 0Sift Heads 0
Metal Slug StickMetal Slug Stick
WW2 CommanderWW2 Commander
Stickman SamStickman Sam
Storm the House 2Storm the House 2
Billy and the ShootgunBilly and the Shootgun
Ragdoll TossRagdoll Toss
Ragdoll Cannon: Level PackRagdoll Cannon: Level Pack
Rage 2Rage 2
Refrigerator Rampage 2Refrigerator Rampage 2
Doomsday 2Doomsday 2
Stickman Sam 2Stickman Sam 2
Way of the Xploding StickWay of the Xploding Stick
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