Age of War 2

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An epic gaming journey that harks back to the golden days of Flash gaming, right here on is waiting for you with Age of War 2. are thrilled to present the sequel to Age of War 2, powered by the incredible Ruffle emulator. Once again, it's time to engage your strategic prowess and immerse yourself in a compelling battle of wits. As you dive into Age of War 2, you'll find yourself in the midst of a thrilling conflict, where the art of both offense and defense is your ultimate weapon. Your base is under constant threat, and you must not only fend off the enemy's relentless assaults but also continuously produce new units to ensure your victory. The timeline is ever-evolving, beginning in the caveman age and extending into the far-reaching future. Your journey through time brings exciting new advancements in weaponry, granting you access to a range of futuristic gadgets, from lasers to advanced weaponry. But be wary, your adversaries are also equipped with this cutting-edge tech, making every move a calculated one.

In addition to unit production, you possess the power of special attacks that can be unleashed in moments of dire need. These abilities, though potent, must be used judiciously due to their limited availability. Amidst the chaos and frenetic battles, you'll need to remain composed and strategically adapt to the ever-changing conditions on the battlefield. Keeping a keen eye on your enemy's unit choices will be key to mastering the art of warfare and securing victory.

While many beloved Flash games had temporarily become unavailable, is excited to share some classic Flash experiences, powered by the Ruffle emulator. This exceptional emulator is not only resurrecting classic titles but also expanding its compatibility list, ensuring you can relive the nostalgia of your favorite Flash games. Age of War 2 is a testament to our commitment to delivering these classic gaming experiences. So gear up, strategize, and conquer the ages once more in this thrilling sequel, right here on

How to play

Use the left mouse button to interact with the UI elements, and for things like building units and using special abilities. Move the mouse to the edges of the screen to pan the camera.

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  • If you are using a computer use the left mouse button. If not, tap the screen of your smartphone or tablet. More complicated control schemes are explained in-game.

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This game can be played only on PC