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Addition Brain Teaser

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About Addition Brain Teaser

Try and add all the numbers on the board to complete each level, This is a tricky game so make sure you read the instructions!

How to Play Addition Brain Teaser

This is a funny math puzzle game in which you need to add all the numbers on the board. For addition you need to select two or more numbers by clicking on them, then click the 'add now' button to add them together.

While adding you should ensure that either the 'selected numbers are the same' or the 'total of the selected numbers' should be 'equal to another number on the board'

If you want to add some unequal numbers, the addition of those unequal numbers must be equal to another number present in the board

For example, if you want to add 2 and 3, there must be a 5 on the board. However you can add numbers that are the same (such as a 2 and a 2) at any time.

Your goal is to add all the numbers presented in the board to create a bigger number

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