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About Boom of Love

Kem and Val are young zombies who have a lot more in common than their love for eating brains. These two are madly in love, and enjoy spending as much time together as possible. Kem is always thinking of ways to surprise Val, so he sneakily slipped into the woods to collect a special present for his beloved girlfriend. But, when Kem returned to give Val her gift, he looked around and realized that Val was nowhere to be found. That's when he noticed a small note on a nearby tree. The note if from the royal guards, who claim they have taken Val and that Kem can't do anything to stop them. Kem is in over his head, and could really use some help rescuing his kidnapped lover. Fight for the zombies and help Kem reclaim his lover by destroying the enemy bases and weakening their forces in this fun physics game!

How to Play Boom of Love

Use your keyboard to help Kem destroy enemy bases and rescue Val!

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