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Cell Defender

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About Cell Defender

You will have to destroy mother virus and protect your mother cell in order to keep the health of the human body.

How to Play Cell Defender

- Heroe Mode:

You control one white cell unit with ARROW keys,A button to shoot and space bat to zoom in and out.

- Commander Mode:

Take the brain control and give the proper orders selecting by area the cells you want to give orders and selecting in another area the goal of the cells.

You can select these kind of orders depending the destination area you choose:

* Attack Mother Virus: You select an area where is the virus mother.

* Protect Mother Cell: You tell to keep near your cell mother and protect it.

* Attack virus unit: You select an individual virus unit to attack.

* Follow cell unit: You select an individual cell to follow.

* Go to position: You have selected an empty area where the unit will stay.

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