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About Dead Rampage

Jack was driving through the desert on some rough terrain when one of the tires on his RV blew. He was preparing to do a routine repair when he heard a groaning sound coming from over his shoulder. To his surprise, a super-sized bug was quickly approaching with toxic ooze leaking from its mandibles. This is no ordinary bug, so Jack armed himself with a pistol and began blasting the bizarre bug. But, it seems the bug isn't alone? That's when Jack realized that he was outnumbered by a sea of these frightening critters who were flanked by brainless zombies. Now Jack must defend himself long enough to send a distress signal and get out of this deadly dustbowl. Ready your aim and obliterate the attackers to help Jack make his escape in this fun online zombie game!

How to Play Dead Rampage

Use your mouse and keyboard to help Jack fight off the undead and repair the radio tower!

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