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About Hobo Bob

A local factory is going on a hiring spree. Hobo Bob has been looking for a job for months, so he was very excited to hear that all he has to do is show up to get a job. But, when Hobo Bob arrived to the factory for his interview, he was shocked to see a line of thousands of applicants who were applying for the same job. Now Hobo Bob must find a way to better his chances by getting closer to the front of the line. Cutting the line isn't going to be easy, as the only way to the front is through the factory. Help Hobo Bob clear the challenging obstacles to rack up a high score and give Hobo Bob a chance at getting a job in this fun online sidescroller game!

How to Play Hobo Bob

Follow the in-game instructions and use your keyboard to help Hobo Bob make it to the front of the line!

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