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About Moonhex

Every year, in a village far, far away, a valiant champion is chosen to use the mystical Powers of Echelon to bring peace and prosperity to the land. The chosen one must use the dangerous Eastern Road to travel to the land of the Old Gods and prove himself worthy of the power. But none of the brave adventurers who have set out on this journey have ever returned, and turmoil has been ever-present in the absence of the Powers of Echelon. This year, you've been chosen to venture to the land of the Old Gods in hopes that you can finally return with the Powers of Echelon and bring everlasting peace to these troubled lands. It's not going to be easy, so use your skills to slay any foes you encounter along the way and battle all the way to the land of the Old Gods to bring peace and prosperity to your hometown in this fun online adventure game for kids!

How to Play Moonhex

Use your mouse to slash and fight the enemy!

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