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About Ratmaze 2

Collect all cheese as fast as possible.

How to Play Ratmaze 2


Arrow keys move the rat

Shift key slows the rat (this is important for ball control)

M key toggles music

R key restarts the game

Spacebar pauses


Use the options menu on the title screen to play the original maze, switch rats, switch music, and most importantly, play in SCROLL MODE. Some people prefer this method of playing, as it can help you find where you are going.


Collect all cheese as fast as possible.

Collect bonus letters to warp to an alternate dimension of huge cheeses (after you collect all normal cheese). Collect all 7 for a chance at a huge bonus.

Eating cheese and cheese crumbs adds to your score and adds time to your timer.

Apples give you a temporary speed boost.

Balls have multiple functions, and can reveal secrets as well.

Some walls in the game are false... there are many hidden shortcuts around the maze!

Have fun!

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