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Zombie Mart

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About Zombie Mart

In the near future, a devastating zombie outbreak will take place. People will run and hide to avoid infection, but 99.99% of the population will fall victim to this worldwide outbreak. With no more people in the world left to infect, the zombies turned to a new hobby to pass the time. These zombies love to shop, and because they are zombies, they never drop! As the last human on earth, you are the only one who can check these brainless zombies out. Now you're in charge of your very own Zombie Mart, and these customers have a bottomless appetite. Meet their demands with constant supply, hiring workers to keep your booths stocked and ready for service. Keep your customers happy to earn coins and experience. As your shop increases in level, you'll unlock new stores and abilities. Progress through the levels and challenge yourself by seeing just how many zombie customers you can satisfy in this incredibly fun online merchant simulation game!

How to Play Zombie Mart

Follow the in-game instructions and use your mouse to interact.

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