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Dora Ear Doctor

About Dora Ear Doctor

Dora was hanging out in her room while listening to her favorite band when she suddenly began having trouble hearing. At first, Dora thought she had accidentally turned the volume down. But, when she looked at the volume control, she noticed that the volume was all the way up. Dora would be devastated if she wasn't able to listen to her favorite songs anymore, so Dora asked her mother to take her to the doctor in hopes that the doctor can save Dora's hearing. Upon inspection, the doctor discovers a terrible infection in Dora's ear canal and recommends immediate surgery. Follow the doctor's instructions and use the tools provided to fix Dora's ears so that she can continue to jam out in this fun online doctor game for girls!

How to Play Dora Ear Doctor

Follow the in-game instructions and use your mouse to operate on Dora's ears!

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