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About Pajama Boy 2

Pajama Boy and his friends are camping on the edge of the Dark Forest. It's late at night, so they are sitting by the fire telling scary stories about the Dark Forest. Rumor has it, that no one who enters the Dark Forest alone makes it out alive. All of these stories are starting to scare Pajama Boy, making him the subject of ridicule for his friends. He's tired of being called a weenie, so he's decided to prove his courage by traveling to the Dark Forest'all by himself. It's too dark to see anything, so Pajama Boy has decided to use his handy jug to capture fireflies, making a lantern which will help him navigate through the eerie Dark Forest. Use your skills to capture fireflies and help Pajama Boy find his way out of the forest so he can prove to his friends that he's brave in this fun online platform game for kids!

How to Play Pajama Boy 2

Use your keyboard to help Pajama Boy make it out of the Dark Forest alive!

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