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About Transmyter

These two zany aliens were flying through space when they struck a high-flying pigeon. This collision caused one of the little aliens to pop out of the spaceship and plummet toward the earth, where he landed all alone in a unknown location. Out of control and spiraling towards disaster, the pilot of the ship crash landed in a similarly strange location. Separated and scared, these two buddies need to make it back to each other before they get swept up by the dangers that live on this strange planet in this exciting sidescroller for kids! Use the power of mimic to hide behind a guise of the strange surroundings and evade any dangers you encounter as you close the distance between them. Traverse a variety of obstacles and find the missing alien so that they can reunite and go back home! Choose your timing wisely, escape danger and retreat to their home planet to save the aliens!

How to Play Transmyter

Follow the in-game instructions, use your mouse and keyboard to interact.

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