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Prison is known to be an already pretty chaotic place, but Prison Rampage takes it to a whole other level. In this game you have to survive countless waves of attackers who constantly attack you and won't stop until they eliminate you. To survive the relentless onslaught of enemies you have to rely on your acrobatic abilities and your weapon. Each time you jump around you also attack, and this creates a sort of ballet, a dance with your enemies, where one wrong step means can mean a quick restart of the level.

To make things more difficult (and interesting), Prison Rampage throws at you all sorts of different foes, each with their own unique set of abilities: some are very fast, some jump at timed intervals, which require you to shoot at precise moments if you want to hit them, and some have a lot of health. One thing's for sure: you'll have to quickly adapt to each one of them if you want to survive the intense rounds that Prison Rampage has to offer. Luckily, each defeated enemy drops a certain amount of coins, which you can use to upgrade your skills, which will aid in your survival. From getting more health, which makes you more durable and able to sustain more hits, to getting better weapons, these upgrades are the key get to the later levels.

Survive the oncoming onslaught of enemies when you play Prison Rampage on

How to play

In order to jump and shoot in the left or right direction you have to either press the left or right arrow, or click on the left or right side of the screen, if you are using a PC. If you are using a mobile device, tap the screen in the left or right side to achieve the same functionality.

Find the winning strategy and gather the forces for your great armada when you play Clash Of Navies on Once you put your captain hat on you will get a taste of the huge responsibilities of a fleet commander. The war ships from Clash Of Navies have special characteristics, and it's your job to find when is the right time to deploy each, depending on your attack strategy, as well as how you want to set up your defenses against the relentless enemy attack. The opposing fleet has the same ships at their disposal, so you'll need to learn fast which one works best against each.

The sea battles can get quite intense, and each decision you take can either take you one step closer to victory, if you take multiple steps in the wrong directions, one step closer to defeat. One key to victory is your ability to quickly and efficiently adapting to your enemy's forces. But to win a battle you can't always wait and see what the enemy throws at you, because you have to take the initiative and engage boldly, in order to surprise and outmaneuver the enemy captain.

To call a ship into battle in Clash Of Navies, you have to select it from the deck of cards located in the bottom of the screen. You can't control what ships will appear in this deck, but you have multiple choices at your disposal at each given moment. Each ship costs a certain number of resources, and you have to decide if you want to call into battle a ship or if you want to wait a bit more time, until you gather more resources to get a more powerful vessel.

Win the naval battles from Clash Of Navies when you play on

How to play

If you are using a computer use the left mouse button to interact with the elements of the game. If you are playing from a mobile device touch the on screen buttons to interact with the game.

On you can always find fun thinking games, and One Ball Pool Puzzle is another addition to this relaxing category. In One Ball Pool Puzzle your goal is to get the ball in the hole located in a random spot on the table, and to do this you have to use a cue stick. You can expect the same behavior that usually comes from this billiards tool. The fun really kicks in the later levels, when the road between the ball and its goal is filled with various dangers, that you need to avoid. From dangerous spikes to figuring out complicated trajectories, One Ball Pool Puzzle will surely put your skills to the test, and you need a healthy dose of patience if you want to finish all its 45 levels.

But not only the unique table configurations might impede your progress, but also the fact that you have a limited number of attempts that you have to finish a level. This ensures that you take some risks, but also makes things a bit more fun. When you know that you have only one shot to make it to the next level, you'll definitely try a more riskier maneuver than you would otherwise. Throughout the entirety of One Ball Pool Puzzle you'll never know what the next level can bring, but one thing will stay the same, and that is that each level is a fun challenge. And even though you can see the path the ball will take, you never know where exactly it will stop, and how you will have to adapt after that.

Play a fun combination of pool and puzzle game on and see how many levels you can finish.

How to play

If you are using a computer you have to click on the screen by using the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse to determine the power with which you hit the ball. Move the mouse left and right to change the position the cue stick will hit. If you are playing from a mobile device, you have to tap on the screen to start the aiming process, move your finger back to select the shooting speed, and move it left or right to select the direction of the shot.

When zombies are everywhere there is only one way out, and that is through sheer force of will, and by using all the weapons at your disposal. In Lab Of The Living Dead you are trapped in a laboratory, where a deadly virus has escaped, which has turned everyone around you into vicious zombies. In this situation, even if you are, at first, a little bit reluctant, you have to pick up the closest weapon that you can find, in this case an axe, and make your own escape route. And while that may mean that you have to leave behind all your former colleagues, it is way too late to save them.

In order to escape this deadly laboratory, you have to finish lots of missions, and in each of these you have an objective that you need to complete. While the conditions to win may differ, one thing stays the same, and that is the fact that you have to eliminate zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. And the more you play Lab Of The Living Dead, the more dangerous the zombies become. But not only the zombies become dangerous. The more you advance through the various areas of the lab, the greater the chances become that you can find all sorts of better weapons, that you can use against these fearless enemies. So while at first you have to wait for the zombies to get close to you and swing your axe at the right moment, after a while you will find more weapons, that you can use to easily dispatch your foes from a distance.

Find your way to freedom when you play Lab Of The Living Dead on and have fun.

How to play

This game can only be played by using a keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move left or right. Press the down arrow key to grab the weapons from the ground, and use the space key to shoot.

It is said that nothing is given for free, and if you want something you have to reach out and grab it. Hand Me The Goods takes this concept and turns it into a crazy version of a sadistic game show, where you can become very rich, but also you can lose your hands. The risks are high in Hand Me The Goods, but if you are brave, careful and you are good at learning the patterns of the laser, you can be a good candidate to get the huge cash prize.

In Hand Me The Goods you have to reach out and grab a certain amount of money, and the only thing that is standing between you and the desired prize is a high intensity laser that cuts anything that comes into contact with. Yes, that definitely includes your hands. Luckily, the laser goes up and down in a certain pattern, and its movements are not randomized, but the more money you collect and the further you advance, the more complicated the patterns become, and each time you reach out the tension rises. You do get two chances to go home with all the money, each chance being represented by one of your hands.

With its stylized graphics Hand Me The Goods really captures the atmosphere of certain game shows, but the amount of blood might not appeal to everyone. If you combine that with intense gameplay, make sure that you don't choose to play Hand Me The Goods when you are searching for a more relaxing experience.

Play a unique version of a fictional TV show on when you select Hand Me The Goods.

How to play

The hand that has to grab the money is controlled by moving the mouse in whichever way you desire.

In Crush Masters Zoo Fun, the rules are simple, and the premise is delightful: each level presents you with a board (which always has a different configuration) filled with cute animal drawings. To advance through the game and get through all of the levels of Crush Masters Zoo Fun you have to click on groups of animals, until you manage to remove from the board the required amount, which is denoted beneath each icon of the cute creature, located in the upper portion of the screen.

To add a bit more challenge to the game, you have to reach those numbers and complete your tasks in a certain amount of moves, so be sure to think ahead before you make your selection. Each group you remove from the table will create a gap in the board, which will be filled by some new random elements in its place, and will change the board configuration completely. But Crush Masters Zoo Fun does give you a helping hand in the form of special items which, once selected, will clear a part of the board. If you are able to maximize the powers of these items you will reach the goal of the level much faster. But be careful, because the power of these items affects a big portion of the level, and if you don't use them wisely they might create more problems.

Combine strategy and skill in order to progress through the levels of Crush Masters Zoo Fun and play it on

How to play

If you are using a computer use the left mouse button to select the elements of the game. If you are using a mobile device, tap the screen to make these selections.

Pupper Mahjong is a fun and cute Mahjong game, which can prove to be the perfect choice when you want to play a game that has just the right amount of challenge and enjoyment factor. With its cute graphics, which predominantly feature loveable dogs, you get a pleasant experience, which can take your mind off your daily worries for a few precious moments.

Like other fun Mahjong games that you can play and enjoy on, Pupper Mahjong tests your attention and memorization skills, while also adding a timer, to keep things exciting and to add a bit more challenge to the game. To score points, you have to carefully scan the game board and find matching pieces that are located on the edge of the stack. Once you find them, you have to select them to eliminate them from the board. This will earn you points. If you ever need some help, Pupper Mahjong has implemented a helpful, but with a limited number of uses, Hint function, which you can use to show you where the next match is. And whenever you find a match you also get awarded some bonus time.

With a variety of stack configurations and a whole lot of cute tile designs, Pupper Mahjong is sure to delight you. Play it on and have fun.

How to play

If you are using a computer you can interact with the game by using the mouse and if you are on a mobile device you select the different elements from the screen by tapping on them.

If you know anything about chemistry, you know how delicate the balance of the chemical reactions is, and any slight change to a formula can change things drastically. Chemistry Set Balance is not a game about balancing chemical equations, but you could say that it's a game about the delicate balance of chemistry, because you have to carefully rotate the platforms on which the chemical element is placed on, so that it will safely fall into the beaker, which is filled with other interesting liquids.

As you would expect, the game starts you off with some basic, training levels, where you only have to control a small number of platforms, but as you advance you have to rotate lots of platforms, placed in all sorts of challenging locations. This really turns guiding the chemical element to its goal a true test of your reflexes, but also of your planning skills.

Another thing to take into account in Chemistry Set Balance is the fact that the platforms rotate at the same time, so be aware that your actions have an effect on all the platforms on the board. But even if you don't succeed in your first few tries, you can always restart the level and try again. And the cool thing is that the professor that is supervising the lab wants you to succeed, and you can tell that just by looking at him.

Balance chemical elements in a fun game placed in a chemistry lab when you play Chemistry Set Balance on

How to play

Rotate the platforms that are placed at random spots around the level clockwise or counterclockwise, either by pressing the corresponding left or right arrow keys, pressing the left mouse button in the right or left side of the screen or, if you are on a mobile device, by tapping the right or left side of the screen.

Crossy Chicken is an action-packed, fun game where your focus is to try and help the chicken cross the road. However, this particular road is filled with obstacles, ranging from cars to water and even trains. It’s a very difficult place for a small chicken to live in, but you must do everything in your power to help this chicken survive in this demanding, challenging and barren wasteland full of obstacles.

It’s not going to be easy, but your skills and power will help this chicken get past all the issues and eventually reach the destination the way you always wanted. It’s a very creative and engaging game with lots of nifty ideas, and you will find yourself testing your skills all the time trying to win. This is never easy, but it’s totally fun and exciting since you try to improve your skills and push them to new heights all the time, trying to see how far you can go.

Crossy Chicken is available on right now, so if you think you have what it takes to achieve the highest score, give it a spin right away!

If you are a driver you might know how tricky parking your car can be and how focused you have to be in order to park your car correctly. After all, this is to be expected, because precise movements aren't that easy to accomplish when you have to place a vehicle that weighs over one ton in one specific spot.

Police Urban Parking takes the act of parking your car to the extreme, because every small change in the steering wheel is greatly exaggerated, so if you would expect a slight change in your direction you might be surprised to see that you are now facing in the exact opposite direction. But sometimes, when you do something in extreme conditions, when you are confronted with the same situation but in more favorable circumstances, like when your steering wheel doesn't react like it has weights on it, you might find that things are considerably easier. In a series of ever-increasing in difficulty levels, Police Urban Parking asks that you park the cool police car in a specific spot, and sometimes facing a certain direction.

While all sorts of obstacles may appear in your way in the numerous levels that Police Urban Parking has, your skill will also increase, so you'll surely welcome the extra challenge. You'll definitely adapt to the tricky controls that the car has, and you'll become a pro in parking in short time.

Take your driving skills to the next level when you play Police Urban Parking on and have fun.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to carefully move the police car towards the parking spot indicated by the big brackets on the road. Do not hit anything on your way there, otherwise you will have to restart the level.

Cube Dash is a game where you control a tiny cube and you must collect coins while avoiding any traps. This is an endless runner where your attention to detail and hand-eye coordination are always tested. Traps appear randomly and they have different shapes and sizes, so you will need to pay attention and ensure that you press the jump button at the right time.

Since every level is randomly generated, you never really know what you will face. Which is great, because it adds excitement and fun, while also making it easy to test yourself and improve your reaction time. The game is always immersive and engaging, and you will find yourself playing for hours and hours to acquire the highest score.

Cube Dash is extremely engaging and fun, and it constantly pushes the boundaries to test your limits and see how far you can go. In this game you will always find a challenge, and that's what makes it shine. You never know what traps might arise, which is why it's so fun and addicting. You can play Cube Dash right now and test out your reaction time on!

How to play

Click on the screen using the left mouse button or, if you are using a mobile device, tap on the screen, to jump and avoid the obstacles that appear in your way.

Knot Logic is a game where you need to complete various puzzles by combining knots and fulfilling the final design. Figuring out how to solve every knot design is immersive and fun, it involves a lot of critical thinking, and it's one of those great experiences that you do not want to miss. Knot Logic has lots of levels you can use to test your puzzle solving skills, and all you have to do is to try out new things.

Knot Logic is one of those games where every level comes with its unique range of innovations and complexity. Your role is to unravel how you can finalize a design starting with a single block. Not only does Knot Logic enhance your creativity, but it always pushes the limits to innovate and create new solutions in your mind.

Only one of those is right, so with lots of trial and error you can finally solve every puzzle. And with dozens of great puzzles to try out, Knot Logic is always here to test your skills and improve upon them in an exciting and creative manner. Check it out right now and give it a shot, Knot Logic is one of those incredible, exciting games you do not want to miss, only on

How to play

Click on the hexagonal shapes to place them in the correct spot so that they form a continuous string.

Get ready to see huge quantities of delicious fruits when you play Crush Master Farmland, but make sure to play after you have eaten, because otherwise it will be hard to focus on the gameplay. In Crush Master Farmland you have to click on groups of fruits to remove them from the screen, in a wonderful explosion of sugary goodness.

Each time a group of fruits get removed from the screen, another stack of them will fall in their place. You must take this into account, because you can adjust your strategy accordingly, and if you're careful you can remove huge stacks of fruits in one click. And besides a good strategy, you can also use helpful items to help you clear the board.

Prepare to spot the stacks of fruits when you play Crush Master Farmland on and have fun.

How to play

Select, either by using your mouse or by tapping on the screen, stacks of fruits to remove them from the screen. Earn high scores by removing large quantities of fruits at once.

Prepare your rifle and clear the screen of spooky ghosts in Ghost Hunting Season, a game similar to the classic Nintendo game, Duck Hunt. Like the beloved aforementioned game, your aim in Ghost Hunting Season is to quickly eliminate all the ghosts that wander on the screen, while also making sure that you don't accidentally shoot the friendly witch.

The beautiful graphics and happy music from Ghost Hunting Season will definitely delight your senses, but don't take too much time to admire the scenery, because besides a good aim you also need to eliminate the ghosts quickly. If you don't, they will escape and cause all sorts of mischief around the world. To get to the next level, you have a certain number of ghosts that you have to banish, so always be mindful of that number. Luckily, on you have another shot at victory and you can retry the level!

Practice your aim when you play Ghost Hunting Season on and see how many ghosts you can get rid of.

How to play

Move the reticle, using either the arrow keys or WASD, over the ghosts that are on the screen. Once you get one in your sights press the SPACE key to shoot your rifle. Be careful not to shoot the witch that sometimes appears on the screen.

Emojis are a fun way to convey certain emotions, and today's way of communicating is practically tied to these funny characters, who express emotions in a very expressive and exaggerated way. But that's why most people love them! If you can't get enough of them, then you should really play Emoji Bubble Shooter, because here the world is filled with these lovable characters.

But having adorable characters isn't always enough, but luckily Emoji Bubble Shooter has more than just lively graphics, because it is also lots of fun to play, as it skillfully combines stylized graphics with fun bubble shooter gameplay. As other games of this type, your precise aim as well as your overall strategy will get you to the highest of scores.

Each bullet from Emoji Bubble Shooter depicts a certain emoji, and in order to clear the board you have to shoot so that at least three emojis of the same type are connected to each other. If you manage to do this, they will be eliminated from the board. The rules are simple, but sometimes the board configuration can get quite complicated, so take each shot with care.

Play on a unique version of the classic bubble shooter games and try to get a high score.

Travel to a magical and peaceful kingdom and train your observation skills when you play Magic Match, a fun game full of vibrant colors. To win in Magic Match you have to find at least two elements of the same type, that also are next to each other, and click on one of them. This will eliminate them from the game board, and also change the configuration of the stage. This ensures that there is also a bit of strategy involved.

To help you with clearing the board there are also various items that you can select. Things like bombs, which will clear a small area near them, or a rocket that clear everything in a straight line.

And because challenge always makes things a bit more fun, in Magic Match there are some conditions that you have to meet in order to advance to the next level. In the top left corner of the screen you will see how many tiles of a certain type you have to clear, and in the top middle of the screen you have the maximum number of moves you are allowed to make.

Discover another relaxing game on and try to clear the board in as few moves as possible.

Space Bubbles follows the classic bubble game formula, and with its over 70 well-balanced levels it is sure to give you countless hours of fun. The rules are simple and fun, and all you have to do is to shoot the rows of bubbles from the top of the screen so that at least three bubbles of the same color are connected. With careful consideration of your shots, Space Bubbles quickly turns into a game of strategy and skill, because some shots require that you employ some clever trajectory tricks in order to place the bubble in the spot you want.

With beautiful and vibrant colors, Space Bubbles is a joy to look at, and its happy music will see you humming while you play this fun game.

Play on Space Bubbles whenever you want to enjoy a fun game, that captures the gameplay of classic bubble games.

Become a master of the grappling hook when you play Pirate Treasure Hook on The sea is full of treasures and a pirate is always on the lookout to fill their coffers with the riches of the sea, but in order to claim a huge bounty you must make sure that your aim is ready to capture all that glittery treasure trove.

In order to become the richest pirate the seas of Pirate Treasure Hook have ever seen, you must learn when is the best time to shoot the hook at the treasures of sea. Your aim is to grab the most valuable items you see, especially because you have limited time to catch them all.

And don't think that all that gold goes to waste! You can buy lots of special items from the shop, which is available after you finish a level. Things like bombs, that will blow up whenever you wish.

Make sure that you choose your shots carefully, because once you shoot your grappling hook, there is no turning back, and you don't want to waste precious seconds getting aboard your ship something that isn't too valuable.

Finish all the levels and become the richest pirate the seas have ever seen when you play Pirate Treasure Hook on

Expect dangerous driving, roads filled with traffic and high speeds when you play Real Street Racing, a game with fast cars that you can enjoy on And because Real Street Racing believes that having options is important, it lets you choose from garage full of cars, from exotic to cars to ones that you see everyday.

And when you need an extra level of speed, Real Street Racing gives you the option to boost your way forward by using nitro, which helps you achieve extreme speeds in a short time.

In addition to its big selection of cars, in Real Street Racing you can play different types of races, and you also have to option to choose the time of day that you wish to drive in.

Arrive safely in record time at the finish line when you play Real Street Racing on

See how many words you can find when you have only a handful at your disposal when you play Free Words, a game that may remind you of all sorts of game shows that you have seen on TV. As you would expect, the more complex the word you find, the more points you will receive. Free Words is not only a fun game, but also a great way to improve your concentration and your memory, as well as your vocabulary.

With each round introducing a new combination of letters, the possibilities are endless, and the fun can last for how long as you want it to. By challenging yourself to find one more word, Free Words can become a great tool to learn new English words and improve your vocabulary.

Learn and have fun on and see how many words you can find.

Brain For Monster Truck combines puzzle games, car games and drawing games and brings you a unique and fun experience, that can offer you countless hours of fun throughout its many levels. Because it has elements from three vastly different genres, Brain For Monster Truck can appeal to wide variety of players, and this distinctive blend of rules ensures that the fun, but also the challenge, of each individual level stays high, and the surprises keep on coming until the end.

Like you would expect from a game with cars, you have to drive a vehicle very carefully, while also gathering as many stars as you can until you reach the finish line. But unlike other car games in Brain For Monster Truck you have to draw the road you will travel on. It's crucial that the bridges you draw don't have too many bumps on them, because if you drop your precious cargo from your trunk you have to restart the level. A lot of responsibility rests on your shoulders, but finding the solution to the puzzle will certainly delight you.

Put your driving, drawing and thinking skills to the test on when you play Brain For Monster Truck.

How to play

Use the mouse to draw lines on the screen. These lines will turn into roads that you can travel on to collect the stars and reach the finish line. Use the left and right arrow keys or tap the arrows located in the lower left corner of the screen to move the truck,.

Don the admiral's coat and enter into a fierce skirmish against your opponent in the classic board game Battleship War Multiplayer. Play against a computer or against a friend and, with a bit of luck on your side, win the game!

What you have to do in order to defeat your opponent is to place your fleet in such a way that they are hard to be hit and also to try to aim your shots in such a way that you sink the enemy ships as fast as possible.

With impressive graphics, cool and engaging music and fun gameplay you will surely be drawn into this unique world. We are sure you will enjoy your time with Battleship War Multiplayer!